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Dear Reverend Fathers, Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

A schedule of Divine Services will soon be posted on our webpage, and any changes of conditions or circumstances to how we will hold the services due to the ongoing Corona Virus situation, will be announced and posted here in the near future. Meanwhile, please continue to follow the protocals liste in my letter below.

Please continue to pray that the Lord deliver us and the World from this pandemic. Please rest assured of my humble prayers for you all.

With much love in Christ,


Fr. Michael.


“Pascha, the Lord’s Pascha! Through His Resurrection, the Lord has brought us from death to life.”

(From St. Theophan the Recluse, Thoughts for Everyday of the Year.)

Dear Reverend Fathers, Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


As we travel the spiritual road of repentance during Great Lent, we are always reminded of the one important goal of our struggles: the attainment of our salvation and eternal life. It is Holy Pascha which emphasizes all our hopes and joys in Our Lord, God and Saviour, Jesus Christ amidst the ongoing calamities and problems faced by the world at large. It is Pascha which fills our hearts with great joy and which gives us a taste of paradise.

How do we prepare for Pascha, besides our praying and fasting? Doing acts of kindness and love, and by also showing mercy and compassion to the needy. We are all familiar with acts of kindness and compassions. How many countless times have we received help when needed, and how many countless times do we receive heavenly intercessions throughout our lives? What can we do to show our gratitude to the Lord? Help Our Memorial Fund of St. John of Kronstadt with your generosity by donating what you can during this holiest time of the year. Your kind help to our Fund enables us to continue the holy work began by our forebears in 1954 through the inspiration of our St. John of Kronstadt, who spent his 53 years of priestly service bringing countless thousands to salvation and also by helping many in material need. We feel that continued inspiration by the decades of laborers in the Vineyard of Christ such as Archbishop Averky (+1976), Metropolitan Laurus (+2008) and Mitred-Archpriest George Pavlusik (+1971), to name a few, who put their hearts into our fund. We appeal to you all to help us continue this endeavor. Our gratitude is expressed to all donors, past and present.     

May the approaching Feast of Feasts, Holy Pascha, fill your hearts with great joy!   

 With much love in our Risen Lord,

 Archpriest Michael Taratuchin,

 Vice-President of the St. John of Kronstadt Memorial Fund and

 Rector of the St. John of Kronstadt Memorial Church in Utica, New York, USA.



П а с х а, Г о с п о д н я П а с х а ! От смерти к жизни привел нас Господь Своим Воскресением.

(Святитель Феофан Затворник. Мысли на каждый день года.)

Дорогие Возлюбленные Отцы, Братья и Сёстры во Христе,

Христос Воскресе!

Все мы идем путем покаяния во время Великого Поста и должны помнить о самой важной конечной цели нашей борьбы – достижения спасения и вечной жизни. Именно Святпя Пасха воплощает нашу надежду на спасение и радость в Господе нашем Боге и Спасителе посреди бедствий и проблем мира сего. Именно Святая Пасха наполняет наши сердца радостью и дает нам ощутить блаженство сопричастности Господу.

Как же мы готовимся к Пасхе помимо молитв и поста? Мы выражаем любовь и сострадание к ближним, помогаем в горе нуждающимся. Множество раз мы сами получали помощь от Господа, когда нуждались, множество раз Божье заступничество и заступление спасало нас в трудную минуту. Что мы можем сделать, чтобы выразить благодарность Господу?

Помогите нашему благотворительному фонду имени Святого Праведного Иоанна Кронштадского, жертвуя то, что вы можете пожертвовать в эти святые дни Великого Поста.  

Ваша благородная помощь позволяет нашему Благотворительному фонду продолжить святое дело Праведного Иоанна Кронштадского, который посвятил 53 года священнического служения Господу и помощи нуждающимся. Как известно, Святой Праведный Иоанн Кронштадский помогал людям в беде не только молитвами, но и материально.

Мы продолжаем трудиться в винограднике Христа по примеру Архиепископа Аверкия (+1976), Митрополита Лавра (+2008), Митрофорного- Протоиерея  Георгия Павлюсика (+1971).

Мы обращаемся ко всем вам с просьбой о помощи!

Мы всегда выражаем благодарность всем жертвователям и дарителям нашего благотворительного фонда.


Да наполнит приближающаяся Пасха Господня ваши сердца миром и радостью от Господа!


Пусть приближающийся Праздник Праздников, Святая Пасха, наполнит ваши сердца великой радостью!

С любовью   в нашего Воскресшего Спасителя,

Протоиерей Михаил Таратухин,

Вице-председатель Благотворительного Фонда Святого Праведного Иоанна Кронштадского, Настоятель Храма-Памятника Святого Праведного  Иоанна Кронштадского в городе Ютика, штат Нью-Йорк, США. 


20th March 2020.


Dear Rev. Fathers, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Parishioners and Friends of our St John of Kronstadt Russian Orthodox Memorial Church,


Peace be with you all!

The Coronavirus pandemic we are facing presents us with the need to make temporary changes in our parish community: There are already restrictions imposed by the civil authorities on the number of people who may come to services (Maximum 50), and it is likely there are more to follow. In recent days, both the Synodal Cathedral in Manhattan and the Cathedral in San Francisco have posted notices saying they are no longer able to hold public services. Other churches around the USA are facing similar restrictions, depending on their states where they are located. It will take time to come to terms with all the changes we may need to make and to learn how we live and worship God in faithfulness to His commandments in these circumstances. I may well need to write to you all again soon, but as of now will you please note the following changes etc:



  1.  We are also canceling all Parish School classes, coffee hours and all other non-church service activities.
  2. At this time we are not canceling any of our scheduled church services. However you should abstain from attending  if you are in one of the following groups:
  • Exhibiting symptoms that include any one or more of the following: fever, cough, shortness of breath
  • If you suffer with malaise, or chronic medical conditions such as liver problems, or are immunosuppressed, those with asthma or emphysema, etc., or any illness which may compromise your health or put others at risk
  • Pregnant women     
  1. Those who do come to church are asked to stand apart, maintaining a distance from each other wherever possible, to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus. At this time the choir should consist only of a few people, unless it is made up of family members who are already  living in close physical proximity.


  1. The zapivka wine will temporarily be offered in separate disposable paper cups that will be burned immediately after the service and not shared. The bread will be handed to each communicant by altar-servers who have thoroughly washed their hands immediately prior to communion.


  1. Many other churches are live-streaming their services in the present situation but we are not set up to do this. As an alternative you should follow the service of our sister parish of the Protection of the Mother of God in Rochester. Go to their web page: In the pull-down menu press “Real-time Service” and then follow the prompts on your computer screen. The St. Seraphim parish is another alternative. See our diocesan website to locate them. 


  1. Other resources for those who are prevented from attending church services can be found here. The threat of the virus should spur us to pray more, not less, even if we cannot always do this together in the church.

          8. Please remember that during this time the costs of maintaining our church will continue even though fewer people will be attending services, purchasing candles, and donating when the plate is passed.  However, your regular giving will be as necessary as ever. To this end, I am working with Reader Nicholas Chapman to set up other ways to give such as adding a  donation facility on our
    parish website. I will write again about this and other matters as more information becomes available.


  1. Finally, we must remember our own St John of Kronstadt who never failed to pray daily to the Lord and to minister to the poor and suffering around him. Let us do our utmost to emulate him by increased fervor in prayer and by helping one another and our neighbors in response to whatever challenges may arise in the coming days. To help us all keep in touch and be informed please forward this message to anyone you know who attends our church and please let me have their email addresses. If you know someone who does not use email please call them and relay the contents of this message.

    May God keep all of us healthy and safe. Let us pray for one another and for the healthcare providers who are on the front lines in the war against this virus.


May God bless you all and your loved ones, and keep you in His tender loving care.

With much love in Our Saviour,

Archpriest Michael Taratuchin, Parish Rector.

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