St. John of Kronstadt Memorial Church
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Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
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Our parish feastday which was celebrated from the Vigil of Saturday 30th October until Monday 1st November 2010 was a great success and spiritually uplifting for everyone present. We were truly blessed with the visit of the Hawaiin-Iveron Myrrh-streaming Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos and with the moving Divine Services led by His Grace, Bishop Peter of Cleveland, who inspired us with his eloquant sermons. Services were well attended. Our thanks to all our clergy, both parish and visiting, altar servers, choir, sisterhood, parishioners and visitors, all who helped make our patronal feastday a memorable one. Also, congratulations to Fr. Deacon Nicholas Kolasz, who awarded the double diaconal orarion on the 10th anniversary of his diaconate.  

See the photo gallery for pictures of our feastday.

On Sunday 26th June 2011, our parish school celebrated an end-of-year commencement with our parish school children putting on a performance of their many varied talents from music and singing to poetry and plays.  Congratulations to our parish school pupils: Christina Shikula, Anastasia Shikula, Ivan Burashnikov, Natalia Derevenets, Larissa Taratuchin, Nina Taratuchin, Livia Drobot and Julia Derevenets. Many thanks to parish school teachers, Svetlana Derevenets and Angelica Shikula for their help and dedcated support over the 2010-2011 parish school year. Fr. Michael would not have been able to do this alone.

Our parish school resumes in September - look out for announcements. If you would like to enroll your child in our program, please contact us.

OUR PARISH PATRONAL FEASTDAY OF ST. JOHN OF KRONSTADT was celebrated on Sunday 30th October 2011. Concelebrating with His Grace, Vladika George, Bishop of Mayfield, were the parish rector, Archpriest Michael Taratuchin, Hieromonk Anatoly (Zilin), cleric of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY, Protodeacon Joseph Jarostchuk, Deacon Nicholas Kolasz (our parish deacons) and Protodeacon Alexander Jarostchuk of the Holy Epithany Church in Boston, MA. The Divine Services were very beautiful and moving. Everyone present experienced great joy and inspiration. We were also blessed to have with us the holy kamilavka of St. John of Kronstadt, sent to us by Archpriest Seraphim Gan of St. Seraphim's Church in Sea Cliff, NY. Please see below the photographs from our feastday celebration.

THE KURSK-ROOT ICON OF THE MOST HOLY THEOTOKOS visited our parish for the winter feastday of St. John of Kronstadt, 1st - 2nd January 2012.  Our gratitude is expressed to Fr. Protodeacon Nicholas Olhovsky, the guardian of the Icon, for bringing it to our church and serving with us. Also concelebrating with Archpriest Michael Taratuchin and Protodeacon Joseph Jarostchuk were Priest James Gurguis, Rector of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church on Higby Road, New Hartford, NY, and Deacon Andrew Doubleday, a cleric of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY. Many of the faithful attended both services. This was truly a wonderful spiritual uplift for all on this forefeast of the Nativity. Please see the photographs of this joyous event in our parish. 

Upcoming Services
Saturday, 29 March / 11 April
6:00 Vigil
Sunday, 30 March / 12 April
9:30 Divine Liturgy
Saturday, 5 / 18 April
6:00 Vigil
Sunday, 6 / 19 April
9:30 Divine Liturgy
CONGRATULATIONS  TO OUR STAROSTA (Parish Warden), Alexei Mikhailovich Kirushin, whose 90th. birthday was celebrated on the 17th. March 2012. Alexei Mikhailovich has been our starosta for over 19 years with dedicated service to our parish. May Our Lord  grant him many years and many blessings on this important landmark of his life.  Our parish honored him with a birthday celebration on the Sunday of the Adoration of the Precious Cross. 




CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR PARISH SCHOOL STUDENTS, who completed another year 2011-2012! Parish school will resume in late September.  Look out for future announcements. Classes are held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month from 5:30 to 7pm.  Contact Fr. Michael for any information. Below are photos from our end of year celebration which took place on All Saints' Day on Sunday 10th June 2012.


Saturday 1st November 2014 marks two very special anniversaries in our parish: the 60th Anniversary of our St. John of Kronstadt Memorial Fund (1954-2014) and the 50th Anniversary of the Glorification of our St. John of Kronstadt (1964-2014). Our parish will be marking these special events with liturgical celebrations and an anniversary banquet. His Eminence, Metropolitan Hilarion will lead the celebrations that day in concelebration with Their Graces, Bishop Peter of Cleveland and Bishop Nicholas of Manhatten, and with local and visiting clergy. 

The schedule of events will be the following:

Friday 31st October 2014: Pannykhida for the reposed founders and active members of our Memrial Fund at 5:30 pm, followed by Vigil at 6:00pm;

Saturday 1st November 2014: Meeting of the Metropolitan, Divine Liturgy and Molieben with the Procession of the Cross at 9:15 am, followed by a Festive Banquet at the Aqua Vino Restaurant, 16 Harbor Lock Road (off Genesee St. in Utica), Utica, NY 13502.

The cost for Banquet tickets is $32.00 per adult, $16.00 for between ages 5 to 10, and children aged 4 and under are free of charge.  Please make all reservations by October 24th, 2014, and make checks payable to ST. JOHN OF KRONSTADT R.O. MEMORIAL CHURCH, which may be mailed to St. John of Kronstadt Memorial Church, 1009 Conkling Avenue, Utica, NY 13507-0056. 

Clerical vestments will be in gold. Please join us for these celebrations in our parish.


After 30 years since the consecration of our church in 1985, our wall frescoes darkened with age and an acumulation of fumes from candles and incense, are finally being cleaned and refurbished.  This entire project is at a cost of over $21,000 .  Any donations toward this necessary project will be gratefully accepted.  Please help our parish with this endeavor.

With love in Christ,

Archpriest Michael Taratuchin, Rector.


Dearly Beloved Reverend Fathers and Matushkas, Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


As we approach the coming festivities of Our Saviour’s Nativity and Theophany, let us reflect on the past year of our lives and offer thanks to the Lord for all he has blessed us in our lives. On one hand, we live in a very troubled world in which we constantly hear of turmoil, whether it is terrorism attacking many innocent Christians in the East or our US society which has fiercely campaigned for the recent presidential elections to the tragedy of innocent lives of people perishing in airplane disasters such as the recent crash over the Black Sea. There does not seem to be a lot of good news on the media these days. This is nothing new. Our Saviour was also born in a world of maybe less turmoil, but with one purpose in mind. Our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ is the Light which shines brightly in the darkness of this fallen world. It is His Light which leads us to salvation and eternal life.

May these festive days ahead always remind us that no matter what goes on in the world, the Lord is always present with us. May these festive days of Christmas, the New Year of 2017 and the Theophany fill all of you and your loved ones with great joy and peace.

                With much love in Our Incarnated Saviour,

Archpriest Michael Taratuchin.


Возлюбленные во Христе Всечестные Отцы и Maтушки, братья и сестры,


По мере того, как мы приближаемся к празднованию Рождества и Богоявления Спасителя нашего Иисуса Христа, давайте оглянёмся на уходящий год нашей жизни и поблагодарим Бога за все его благословения в нашей жизни. С одной стороны, мы живём в очень беспокойном мире, получая известия о террористических атаках на невинных христиан на Востоке, яростные выступления нашего Американского общества на недавних Президентских выборах, до недавней трагедии над Чёрным морем, унёсшей жизни многих невинных людей при крушении самолёта. В эти дни нам кажется, что мы не можем ожидать каких-либо хороших новостей от средств массовой информации. В этом нет ничего нового. Наш Спаситель был также рождён в беспокойное время, где возможно, было меньше потрясений, но цель его была всё такой же. Наш Господь, Бог и Спаситель Иисус Христос есть Свет, который светит ярко в темноте этого падшего мира. Это Его Свет ведёт нас к спасению и вечной жизни.

Пусть эти приближающиеся праздничные дни, независимо от того, что происходит в этом мире, всегда напоминают нам о том, что Господь всегда присутствует с нами. Пусть эти праздничные дни Рождества, Нового 2017 года и Богоявления наполнят вашу жизнь и жизнь ваших близких большой радостью и миром.

               С любовию в Воплощенном Спасителе,

Протоиерей Михаил Таратухин.

Feastday of St. John the Wonderworker, archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco is celebrated tomorrow on Sat. 1st July 2017. St. John not only served many times in our church during the 1950s and early 1960s, but also had been in charge of the commission studying the materials for the glorification of our St. John of Kronstadt prior to his canonization in 1964. The photo above is with St. John serving on one of our parish feastdays in 1960.

Vigil will be this evening at 6 pm and Divine Liturgy tomorrow at 9 am.


THE HAWAIIAN-IVERON ICON OF THE MOST HOLY MOTHER OF GOD will be visiting our parish on Sunday 29th October 2017 at 5:30 pm. A Molieben-Akathist to the Most Holy Theotokos will be served. Please join as we offer prayers before this very holy myrrh-streaming icon of the Ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

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OUR PARISH FEASTDAY OF ST. JOHN OF KRONSTADT will be celebrated on Sunday, November 5th, 2017 with a Hierarchal Divine Liturgy.  His Grace, Bishop Jerome will lead us in our celebrations, which will be marked by the Divine Services and a festive meal in - 11/05/17

Tickets for the festive meal will be $15. per adult, $8 for children 5 to 12, and under 5s are free of charge. Please make your reservation by October 30th. 

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Paschal Appeal 2018


«Ангел вопияше благодатной: чистая Дева, радуйся! И опять вопиет: радуйся!  Твой Сын восстал из гроба на третий день после смерти и воскресил мертвых: люди веселитесь!»

(Из 9-го стиха пасхального канона)


Дорогие, Возлюбленные Отцы, Братья и Сестры во Христе,


Светлый и яркий Праздник из Праздников, Святая Пасха, наводит нас на одну конкретную мысль: Радуйтесь!  Радостью проникнута вся атмосфера в течении Литургии, когда мы празднуем Воскресение Господне во всех Православных храмах Мира.  9-ый стих напоминает нам о радости, когда Ангел призывал верующих радоваться победе нашего Спасителя над смертью и адом.  Святитель Иоанн Златоуст в его ежегодной проповеди в святую Пасхальную ночь напоминает нам о радости Воскресения Христова: «Христос Воскресе и ангелы ликуют!  Христос Воскресе и жизнь освобождается!  Христос Воскресе, и ни одного мертвого во гробе; Христос Воскресе из мертвых, и становится первым плодом всех усопших.»  Эта радость остается с нами не только в течении 40 дней по Пасхе, но и в течении всего года.

Мир переживает много бед и страданий от различных затруднений, и только Христос, через Церковь приносит нам настоящий мир и покой.  Наставления нашего Воскресшего Господа Иисуса Христа любить друг друга должны быть продемонстрированы на делах, а не только на словах.  Наш Прав. Иоанн Кронштадтский на своем примере через многие проповеди и письменные наставления учит нас как быть добродушными Христианами. Только благодаря своей сильной вере он добился создания институтов помощи нуждающимся.  Наш Благотворительный Фонд,  борется за это святое дело с 1954 года, и мы надеемся, что с вашей помощью мы сможем  продолжить  приносить и дальше облегчение нуждающимся всего мира.  

Пожалуйста, уделите немного времени просмотру нашего финансового отчета, который показывает куда направляется наша помощь, а также на то, как вы можете помочь нам  в этой святой работе, которая реально меняет финансовое положение нуждающихся.  Пожалуйста, присылайте ваши посильные пожертвования, а также ваши записки с именами ваших родных, которые будут поминаться на проскомидии.  Мы благодарим всех, кто присылал пожертвования в Фонд на протяжении многих лет, и тех, кто надеемся, будет и дальше продолжать щедро  поддерживать Благотворительный Фонд. Да приведёт всех вас Великий Пост к лучезарной радости Святой Пасхи!

            С огромной любовью о Воскресшем Господе,

Протоиерей Михаил Таратухин, Вице-Председатель Благотворительного Фонда Св. Прав. Иоанна Кронштадтского и Настоятель Храма-Памятника Св. Прав. Иоанна Кронштадтского в Ютика, Нью Йорк, США








 “The Angel cried to her who is full of grace: Rejoice, pure Virgin! And again I say, Rejoice! Thy Son has risen on the third day from the grave, and has raised the dead. Rejoice, you people!”

(From the 9th Ode of Paschal Matins)


Dear Reverend Fathers, Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


The bright and radiant Feast of Feasts, Holy Pascha, brings one certain description to mind: rejoice! Joy surrounds the entire liturgical atmosphere as Our Lord’s Resurrection is celebrated in all Orthodox churches around the world. The 9th Ode reminds us of this joy when the Angel tells the faithful to be joyful over Our Saviour’s victory over death and hades. St. John Chrysostom reminds in his homily read annually on the holy night of Pascha to rejoice as Christ is risen: “Christ is Risen, and the angels rejoice! Christ is Risen, and life is liberated! Christ is Risen, and the tomb is emptied of its dead; for Christ having risen from the dead, is become the first-fruits of those who have fallen asleep.” This joy abides with us all for the 40 days of Pascha, and throughout the entire year.

With the world experiencing many tribulations and with many suffering from various predicaments, it is only Christ, Who brings us real peace through the Church. It is Our Risen Lord’s commandment to love one another that should be translated into real acts, and not just words. Our St. John of Kronstadt continues to instruct us on how to try to be genuine Christians through his example of life and through his many sermons and writings. It was through his strong faith that he accomplished the creation of institutions to help those in need. Our Memorial Fund has striven for this holy task since 1954, and hopefully with your help, we may continue to bring relief to the needy around the world. Please take a moment to look at our financial report which mentions the destinations to where this aid is going. Please take a moment to reflect on how you all could contribute to this holy work, and truly make a difference for the poor. Please donate whatever is in your means to do so, and also please feel free to send in your commemoration lists of your loved ones, who will be remembered during the proskomedia. We thank all who have donated to the Memorial Fund over the years, and who continue their generous support.

May this Great Lent lead you all to the radiant joy of Holy Pascha!

         With much love in our Risen Lord,

Archpriest Michael Taratuchin, Vice-President of the St. John of Kronstadt Memorial Fund and Rector of the St. John of Kronstadt Memorial Church in Utica, New York, USA.

OUR PARISH FEASTDAY was a wonderful success and very uplifting for all of us. Our gratitude is expressed to His Grace, Bishop Luke of Syracuse, Abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY, who led us in the Divine Services for the day, as well as to our visiting priests and protodeacons. A big thank you to our sisterhood and all our parishioners, who labored with great zeal to make this important celebration in our parish life possible and a wonderful occasion enjoyed by all participants. Our thanks also to our visitors and friends who supported our parish feastday. Many years to all!

Below are some photos of our feastday, and the inspirational sermon delivered by Bishop Luke on our feastday.

Sermon of Bishop Luke of Syracuse, 3rd November 2019.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit!


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!


For many the struggle of St John of Kronstadt seems unattainable. He appears in his life as something supernatural, beyond our reach for emulation. However, in his diary that has been published and especially in the many volumes of self reflections not published, we see something different, a very human familiar struggle with passions, desires, a striving to obtain virtues which are necessary in order to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.


One contemporary secular author has written that we live in a time that is “After Virtue”, that is, we, especially children growing up, are no longer encouraged to develop virtues, to be virtuous. As Orthodox Christians, especially we who venerate St John as our heavenly patron, cannot ignore this essential spiritual struggle. St Nicholas Cabasilis writes that when we die the angels will examine our souls to determine how much they resemble Christ and the virtues He commands us in the Gospel to obtain in our life.


Are we striving to be humble, meek, long suffering, chaste, kind to each other? I believe one of the most common, damaging vices, weaknesses, of contemporary man is lack of patience. Any feeling of discomfort, anything, any labor which requires discipline, self-denial, self-control is avoided. We are too quick to react to anything unpleasant. This is the reason for so many divorces, addictions of all kinds, instability at work, schooling, friendships, even the ability to say morning and evening prayers, read serious literature, spiritual or secular. This all require holy patience but we are not interested in cultivating it. One desert father wrote, “Give blood and receive the Spirit.” An ancient Greek philosopher wrote, “Wisdom comes only through suffering.” Alas! We are too lazy, to impatient, too busy to suffer the labor needed to complete our prayers or to attend church services. It requires patience to live with another person’s weaknesses, even our own. So instead of strengthening our relationships in love, strengthening the powers of our souls, we escape into every imaginable pleasure or distraction, the internet and the entertainment industry offers us.


St John and our Holy Orthodox Church present us with an answer to a wasteful and spiritually destructive lifestyle. It is clear from his writings, that being a good Christian, saving our soul, is difficult labor. No one is demanding from us superhuman feasts of asceticism. If we claim to love Christ, His Church, the person we live with, or anyone we have a relationship with, we can use the words of St Paul in his sermon to the Corinthians on true love as a litmus test to check our progress and our growth. The sermon begins, “Love is patient...”


Metropolitan Laurus was known for not reacting quickly, for not making hasty decisions, repeating, “Posmotrim, let’s see.” We can learn the benefits of slowness, of simply waiting a bit before saying an unkind word, falling into road rage, reaching for a cigarette, a drink, sensual pleasure, escaping into social media, the latest television series or sports event.


We were created for true pleasure, satisfaction, that which is lawful, blessed, and stable. However to obtain it we need to struggle, slow down, not run away from what is truly good for us, and simply wait.

This is all possible by making slow but sure steps, recovering from the illness created by the poison fed us by our contemporary civilization and our own self-indulgence.


The power, the means to achieve this is found in the Body of Christ, the Church, especially frequent Communion. If we take one step towards God He will take two steps towards us. Above all, be patient without which we are warned by Christ in His gospel we could loose our souls.



Во имя Отца и Сына и Святаго Духа.


Дорогие братия и сестры во Христе!


Для многих из нас, подвиг св. прав. Иоанна Кронштадтского кажется недостижимым. В его жизни, он является нам как нечто сверхъестественное, которому мы не способны и не можем подражать. Однако, в его опубликованном дневнике, а особенно в его многотомных размышлениях, которые еще не опубликованы, мы видим нечто иное – очень человеческую, знакомую нам борьбу со страстями и желаниями, в стремлении обрести добродетели, которые нужны нам, дабы наследовать Царствие небесное.


Один современный светский мыслитель отметил, что теперь мы живем в период «после добродетели». Это значит, что наша эпоха отучает нас, и особенно наших детей, развивать добродетели, вести добродетельную жизнь. Как православные христиане, особенно те, кто почитает св. прав. Иоанна как своего небесного покровителя, мы не можем не обращать внимания на эту насущную духовную проблему. Св. Николай Кавасила пишет, что когда мы умрем, ангелы будут испытывать наши души, дабы определить, насколько душа наша имеет сходство со Христом и с теми добродетелями, которые Он призывает нас обрести в Своем Евангелии.


Стремимся ли мы быть смиренными, кроткими, добродетельными, целомудренными, добрыми друг ко другу? По моему мнению, один из самых распространенных, вредоносных грехов и слабостей, современного человека является недостаток терпения. Мы хотим избежать любого чувства неудобства, любого труда, который требует дисциплины, самоотвержения и воздержания. Мы слишком спешим резко реагировать на всё, что нам кажется неприятным. В этом причина многочисленных разводов, всякого рода пристрастии (аддикций), нестабильности на работе, в школе, в дружеских отношениях, даже в нашей способности читать утренние и вечерние молитвы, читать серьезную литературу, как светскую, так и духовную. Всё это требует святого терпения, но нам неинтересно воспитывать его в себе. Один отец пустынник написал: «дай кровь и приими Дух», а по словам древнегреческого философа, «премудрость приходит лишь через страдания». Увы! Мы слишком ленивы, нетерпеливы, слишком заняты, чтобы понести труды, нужные, чтобы совершить наше молитвенное правило, чтобы придти в храм на службу. Чтобы жить со слабостями других людей, и с нашими собственными слабостями, от нас требуется терпение – но вместо того, чтобы укреплять наши отношения в любви, укреплять наши душевные силы, мы убегаем от себя в самые разнообразные удовольствия и развлечения, которые предлагает нам интернет и массовая культура.


Св. Иоанн и наша святая Православная Церковь дают нам выход из пустого и духовно разрушительного образа жизни. Из писаний св. Иоанна, нам ясно, что бы стать хорошим христианином, спасать наши души есть нелегкий труд. Но никто не требует от нас сверхчеловеческих подвигов подвижничества. Если мы говорим, что любим Христа, Его Церковь, человека, с которым мы живем или любого человека, с которым мы связаны, мы можем повторить слова апостола Павла в его проповеди к Коринфянам об истинной любви, как лакмусовой бумажке, проверке нашего духовного роста. Его проповедь начинается словами – «Любовь долготерпит...»

О владыке митрополите Лавре было известно, что он никогда не реагировал быстро, не делал поспешных решений, повторяя, «Посмотрим...» Мы можем научиться преимуществам этой медлительности, если мы просто немного подождем, прежде чем сказать недоброе резкое слово, разозлиться на водителей на дороге, потянуться за сигаретой или выпивкой, чувственными наслаждениями, прежде чем нырнуть с головой в социальные сети, последний телевизионный сериал или спортивное состязание.


Мы были созданы для истинного наслаждения, глубокого душевного, удовлетворения, которое истинно законно, благословенно и непоколебимо. Но чтобы достичь его, нам нужно бороться, не нужно спешить торопиться, не убегать от того, что единственно есть благо для нас, и просто подождать. Всё это возможно, если мы будем идти медленно, но твердо, постепенно исцеляясь от болезни, от яда, которым нас кормит современная цивилизация и наше собственное страстное состояние.


Сила и средство, чтобы достичь всего этого, обретается в Теле Христовом, в Церкви, особенно в частом причащении Святых Христовых Таин. Если мы сделаем лишь один шаг к Богу, Он сделает два шага навстречу нам. Но более всего, упражняйтесь в терпении, без которого, по слову Христа в Его Евангелии, мы можем потерять наши души.




Letter of the Parish Rector on the Coronavirus Situation

20th March 2020.


Dear Rev. Fathers, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Parishioners and Friends of our St John of Kronstadt Russian Orthodox Memorial Church,


Peace be with you all!

The Coronavirus pandemic we are facing presents us with the need to make temporary changes in our parish community: There are already restrictions imposed by the civil authorities on the number of people who may come to services (Maximum 50), and it is likely there are more to follow. In recent days, both the Synodal Cathedral in Manhattan and the Cathedral in San Francisco have posted notices saying they are no longer able to hold public services. Other churches around the USA are facing similar restrictions, depending on their states where they are located. It will take time to come to terms with all the changes we may need to make and to learn how we live and worship God in faithfulness to His commandments in these circumstances. I may well need to write to you all again soon, but as of now will you please note the following changes etc:




  •  We are also canceling all Parish School classes, coffee hours and all other non-church service activities.
  • At this time we are not canceling any of our scheduled church services. However you should abstain from attending  if you are in one of the following groups:
  • Exhibiting symptoms that include any one or more of the following: fever, cough, shortness of breath
  • If you suffer with malaise, or chronic medical conditions such as liver problems, or are immunosuppressed, those with asthma or emphysema, etc., or any illness which may compromise your health or put others at risk
  • Pregnant women     


  1. Those who do come to church are asked to stand apart, maintaining a distance from each other wherever possible, to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus. At this time the choir should consist only of a few people, unless it is made up of family members who are already  living in close physical proximity.


  1. The zapivka wine will temporarily be offered in separate disposable paper cups that will be burned immediately after the service and not shared. The bread will be handed to each communicant by altar-servers who have thoroughly washed their hands immediately prior to communion.


  1. Many other churches are live-streaming their services in the present situation but we are not set up to do this. As an alternative you should follow the service of our sister parish of the Protection of the Mother of God in Rochester. Go to their web page: In the pull-down menu press “Real-time Service” and then follow the prompts on your computer screen. The St. Seraphim parish is another alternative. See our diocesan website to locate them.


  1. Other resources for those who are prevented from attending church services can be found here. The threat of the virus should spur us to pray more, not less, even if we cannot always do this together in the church.

          8. Please remember that during this time the costs of maintaining our church will continue even though fewer people will be attending services, purchasing candles, and donating when the plate is passed.  However, your regular giving will be as necessary as ever. To this end, I am working with Reader Nicholas Chapman to set up other ways to give such as adding a donation facility on our parish website. I will write again about this and other matters as more information becomes available.


  1. Finally, we must remember our own St John of Kronstadt who never failed to pray daily to the Lord and to minister to the poor and suffering around him. Let us do our utmost to emulate him by increased fervor in prayer and by helping one another and our neighbors in response to whatever challenges may arise in the coming days. To help us all keep in touch and be informed please forward this message to anyone you know who attends our church and please let me have their email addresses. If you know someone who does not use email please call them and relay the contents of this message.

    May God keep all of us healthy and safe. Let us pray for one another and for the healthcare providers who are on the front lines in the war against this virus.


May God bless you all and your loved ones, and keep you in His tender loving care.

With much love in Our Saviour,

Archpriest Michael Taratuchin, Parish Rector.

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